Hjelpemiddeldatabasen viser alle typer produkter som kan være aktuelle hjelpemidler, uavhengig av om disse kan gis via det offentlige, eller om brukeren selv må dekke utgiftene. De fleste hjelpemidler som lånes ut fra NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral finner du via hovedinngang på forsiden merket 'Rammeavtaler'.

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Information in English

Hjelpemiddeldatabasen is currently not available in an English version. See below for information about the website, and whom you can contact for further help or information.

What is Hjelpemiddeldatabasen?
Hjelpemiddeldatabasen is a website with information about assistive technology available in Norway. Hjelpemiddeldatabasen shows all kinds of products that may be relevant as assistive devices, both devices provided by the public services, or if you need to cover the expenses yourself.

Hjelpemiddeldatabasen contains information about assistive devices with technical specifications, photos, brochures and manuals. You can also find information about the suppliers of the products. NAV and suppliers list new products consecutively, number and variety of products varies.

Most assistive devices are distributed through the municipalities if need of devices for temporary reasons (short-term loans), or via NAV Assistive Technology Centers (NAV hjelpemiddelsentraler) for permanent needs.

Do you want help to assess your needs for assistive technology?
Please contact your own municipality for help to assess current solutions or devices, given your difficulties. They will also be able to help you applying for assistive devices from NAV Assistive Technology Centers if needed.

Do you want to get in direct contact with an Assistive Technology Center?
In each county, you will find an Assistive Technology Center that is responsible for processing applications, giving advice and delivering the assistive devices to your home. Remember that you should contact your own municipality first for guidance. If needed, you will find contact information to the Assistive Technology Centers here.

Feedback or suggestions about Hjelpemiddeldatabasen?
You can contact us via hjelpemiddeldatabasen@nav.no if you have specific feedback about the website.